Unfortunately, we are forced to state that our society has lost its unity and suffers from it in all areas of its existence. This is especially true of domestic problems, which are sometimes impossible to solve without the solution of the majority of residents of an apartment building, urban area, or village.

As a result of disunity and loss of control over the processes of providing living space, we suffer from mismanagement and various kinds of abuse on the ground. But to resolve common issues, it is often simply impossible to gather a common opinion and make a majority decision.

This state of affairs can be corrected only by deep structuring of society.

Example. It is necessary to make separate decisions on a stairwell, on a front, or the house. Each mini-structure of self-government can appoint a social leader, his deputy, etc., who will implement collective decisions. But the mobile application will allow you to make decisions remotely. The initiator of the request for a decision of the residents must set a final time for the answer and after its decision to make a decision on most of the answers received. The initiators of the request and responsible for decision-making may be appointed heads of mini-structures of self-government, or those that include smaller structures of self-government. All decision protocols will be freely available to residents of the relevant structure. Answers to household and social security inquiries will be mandatory.

It is impossible for vital questions to remain unanswered and unresolved. THE DECISION IS THE PROPERTY OF THE COMMUNITY.

All questions and answers - only within the competence of residents.

Consumer Society «PEOPLE'S COOPERATION» together with the Charitable Organization «RESOURCE FUND»" announces a fundraiser for the competition for the best technical task and its implementation in the form of a mobile application «OPERATING DECISIONS OF RESIDENTS» (Project – «COMMUNITY»).


The software download of the finished mobile application will be installed free of charge for all benefactors.

Information on the progress of fundraising, planning and organization of the Competition will be published weekly.

We ask everyone who cares to contribute to the common cause.

Pay UAH 1 (one) with the commission

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